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“Search Engine Optimization results with Smart Bizz are phenomenal! We have started off online generation business a couple of years ago and did achieve some results on our own. Then we brought Smart Bizz consultant in to get the answer for: How we can expand? With all that changes Google does in their ranking algorithm. Now we have on-time updated professional consultation that generates business, we are happy customer of Smart Bizz!”.
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Google Adwords: PPC Management Services or Do it Yourself?

Google Adwords has become a great source of leads, calls, sign ups, sales and many businesses are trying to utilize this tools for attracting new customers. So let’s compare professional ppc management with Qualified Google Professional (Google Search Partner) and do-it-yourself approach in setting up & running advertising campaign:

Why PPC Management with Google Adwords Qualified Professional?

  • Less chances that budget will be significantly overspend, as it’s determined during negotiation
  • Google Adwords requires well qualified specialist to setup, run, adjust advertising campaign
  • Regular updates & constant monitoring of Google Adwords Campaign makes it cost efficient and adaptive to competition changes
  • Professional keyword research helps to focus on various types of keywords and searches behind them
  • PPC Management services also include multiple ads that encompass special techniques such as Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Address Extensions, Website Extensions, Call to Actions
  • Average efficient Google Campaign has 1000s of keywords and hundreds of ads which makes it difficult to manage if you dont spend enough time on it
  • Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking setup requires web development and coding skills

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