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“I have opted for Smart Bizz SEO package deal that they are offering on the website and was surprised with results they delivered. We provide turnkey Kitchen renovation and cost of purchase can be thousands of dollars. Cost of SEO packages are close to nothing compared to possible sales, when you are on the First page of Google. Yellow pages and similar advertising media are not as nearly effective as online marketing with Smart Bizz!”

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From Kitchen Company Manager in Mississauga, ON

Fast ASP.NET support and maintenance

asp net support & maintenance Toronto
Have you ever been in a situation, when you needed to change your based application or software ASAP, and you didn’t have the right specialist within your staff members? In some industries such as Finance, Transportation or Healthcare, fast ASP.NET support and maintenance are crucial for regular everyday operations. This is where Smart Bizz is at your service: we have professional support team, that’s trained specifically to maintain software of various kinds. If you require application upgrade or migration to the latest version, our professionals can cover it all! Due to vast experience in support and maintenance in Toronto and Canada, our specialists provide fast turn around on tasks, that are commonly accepted to be complex and time consuming.

How to fix Joomla driven website

Fix Joomla Website

Joomla is a great open source software and is being used a lot as a content management system by thousands of websites online. And of course if you’re using Joomla website on your own, you may get into trouble from time to time – you might be facing the necessity to fix Joomla based website.

Having a back up copy of your Joomla website is the best and most reliable idea, but if things came to worse and you cant restore your website, I’m happy to supply some tips on how to fix Joomla website

So, how do you go about repairing Joomla installation:


Google Adwords: PPC Management Services or Do it Yourself?

Google Adwords has become a great source of leads, calls, sign ups, sales and many businesses are trying to utilize this tools for attracting new customers. So let’s compare professional ppc management with Qualified Google Professional (Google Search Partner) and do-it-yourself approach in setting up & running advertising campaign:


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